About Me

About me?

Nothing much, except for the fact that I am doing a lot of things and enjoying it. For a guy who hated studying, it is ironical that I ended up teaching in one half of my ‘job-related activities’.

From editing newspapers to writing RFPs to working on websites, to understanding (or trying to understand) technology and marketing, to correcting answer sheets, to editing two automobile magazines, it’s been a thoroughly exhilarating experience. I just hope it lasts.

I spent 31 years with the print media and those were the best years of my professional life. The two software companies I worked for five years gained immense visibility in the market due to my PR efforts. I also managed the company’s three websites with content creation. Jumping into a profession like Information technology, which was so far removed from my newspaper job, was an eye-opener and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to figure it out completely.

From there to teaching Journalism, PR and New Media at various institutes in Pune and dealing with kids from the ages of 18 to 23, however, has been an unusual and exciting experience. It’s been enjoyable at most times, but it’s been frustrating too at others.

I also love to hop into my car and take off…to anywhere. Every year we plan a holiday by car. We’ve covered most of South India in the last two years, and this year in May we travelled in Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Rajasthan, where we saw the magnificent tiger, not once but twice in Ranthambhore, and lions in Gir.

But seriously, I hope you enjoy reading my blog posts as much as I like writing them. No preaching and no teaching, just a nudge and a push sometimes. If I can bring a smile to the faces of the people who read it and make them ponder a while, I think I’ve achieved what i set out to do.


  1. Ashish says:

    Hi, I just read a few of your posts…loved the one about talking to friends after a long time…coz its true.
    We have everyone on our mobile list or chat list, but speak/chat regularly with only those who are close friends.
    But then again, a lot of the rest are ones we have had some cherished memories with, interesting experiences and conversations with and thats why they’re there. Mostly, just because that name is there, and feels just like a click of a button away, we don’t do it…till we realise its been ages since we spoke/connected 🙂

    Please keep blogging. You obviously write well 😛 but the thoughts put across here are the ones that’ll bring me back 🙂


  2. Anuradha Kadam says:

    Respected Sir,
    Last two months I am reading your Blogs,it gives me real direction of thinking.Sitting here in Country called “Brunei”,I always wanted to keep in touch with India,When i read your arrticle and your views ,i feel that i am connected with India with latest happings.
    Sir, I have a request to u., our Independence day is coming closer,if possible can u write your views on last 50 years of Journalism and scope of Journalism in further years.
    Thanks a lot.
    Mrs. Kadam.

  3. mohansblog says:

    Dear Mrs Kadam,
    Please send me an email on my personal email id in this regard. I’ll see what I can do about the article.

  4. Megha Kuchu says:

    Hello Sir. We met for my SIMC gd/pi in Feb’10. I got through but did not take up my admission. I don’t think you remember me. But i totally enjoyed my interview session with you Sir! It’s lovely to have found you like this. Hope to learn a lot from you here.


    P.S- I’m studying at ACJ, Chennai right now.

  5. mohansblog says:

    Nice to know! How did you find me? Keep in touch!

    • Megha Kuchu says:

      I know Sampad Patnaik. We were in the same group for the gd-pi. So saw your comment on his fb status. ha ha ha. Long chain. But I found you!

  6. Been browsing since Joe sir shared a link. Would like to connect, do let me know what would be the most convenient way for you. Regards.

  7. Hello Sirji ! Hats off to you for the versality that you have cherished along with your diverse profession ! All the best for your future and no doubt it will be flourishing , as you are among the few who listen to the heart more than the brain ! May I take this opportunity to say that your services have been inspiring for every person of the field that you have dealt with ! Best Luck Sir !

  8. writeharshal says:

    A bearded, around fifties or sixties may be, well equipped with words, he is a soft spoken but disciplined person. Teaching with passion is his prayer. With rich vocabulary and wry humor he brings the class atmosphere to new energetic high and a class of 30 becomes class of two. The Speaker and the listener… Thanks a lot Sir! for making the time most memorable… [:)]

  9. bababong says:

    Your scathing criticism of Tendulkar clearly indicates your prejudices. Sorry to say that.

  10. Forgive me for taking the liberty of sharing with you, Words of Wisdom from my Spiritual Master. The first rule in problem – solving, according to the experts, is to identify the problem. Look forward to your views. My email id is kuldip46@gmail.com.

    “Many years ago, I asked my Spiritual Master, “All the chaos in this world, who is responsible for it?”
    The Master replied,”2 classes of people who live by the principle of divide and rule. One is politicians and the other preachers.”
    We need to find people who are neither politicians nor preachers to run this World. These leaders would have to be truly Spiritual Leaders.

    A Muslim lady asked my Spiritual Master, “What is the difference between Islam and the Sikh religion?”
    The Master replied, “There is no difference.”
    The lady was astounded at this reply and asked, ” Master, how can you say this”
    The Master replied, “My daughter, I say this, simply because the Truth is One. It is only our form of worship which is different.”
    There is no difference between Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, the Sikh religion, and other mainstream religions.

    According to the Master, the biggest sin a human being can commit is to hurt another human being.

  11. rummuser says:

    You have a nice blog here and I would like to read your posts regularly. I am subscribing to alerts by email. Thank you.

  12. Jairaj Ittiyanath says:

    Hai Mohan, great going. Keep it up. Jairaj

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