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I’ve spent a restless and disturbed 24 hours ever since I heard about the five-year-old Shubh Rawal being kidnapped and killed in Pune by 19-year-old Parminder Singh, for ransom, all because he thought he could buy a motorcycle from the ransom, which he aspired for. Sometimes I think television and films have really messed with our heads and our lives. I watch one of the Hindi serials on crime, which dramatises supposedly true incidents. You have to be demented to commit those crimes and think you could get away with it.

When we were discussing this in office, the editor commented about a sociologist who said it was an aspirational thing and the widening gap between the haves and the have nots. Which may be true to some extent, but whatever may be the sociological reasons being put forward for such crimes, to kill a five-year-old is the worst kind of crime one can commit – as bad as raping a minor or infant girl, or beating an infant senseless.

One is not talking about murders by adults, gangland killings, domestic violence or dowry-related cases, but crimes against infants and children who really have no way of even knowing what they are being subjected to and why, and more importantly, no way of fighting back. Just imagining a five-year-old being throttled is gruesome enough, so one can’t even think what the tot must have gone through even as his life ebbed away.

It’s a pity that in India we still send people to jail after they commit such crimes, since we don’t have a firing squad, child rapists and killers, should be hanged or locked up in solitary confinement and the key thrown away instead of a term in jail, from where they will walk free in 14 years. Yes, I know that homily about giving a criminal the opportunity to reform. Please, tell that to parents who lose their children to such mindless acts.

Then there are people like auto-rickshaw driver Umer Shaikh, who still believes that doing good to people is what he was sent here for.

The other day I heard about Shaikh at the office. He noticed a laptop and some property documents that had been left behind by a passenger in his auto-rickshaw. He could, quite easily, have walked away with the laptop. Instead, he went to the cops to hand in all the stuff. By a quirk of fate, the passenger also landed up at the same police station to report the loss and was delighted and very relieved to get his stuff back.

When we reported the story, the passenger thought the auto-rickshaw driver deserved more than just a thank you and wanted to gift the driver something. We called both, the passenger and the auto rickshaw driver to the Sakal Times office, where the grateful passenger handed over a little something to Shaikh. This isn’t the first time we’ve encountered such a tale and I’m pretty sure it won’t be the last.

When he was asked about the incident, the auto-rickshaw driver said, “even if I find a pen in my three-wheeler I start wondering who the owner could be and want to return it.” In today’s day and age, that there are still people like this around is heartwarming.

And then, I heard an absurd story about ‘aspirations’ among the rich! About how a city restaurateur found his brand new laptop missing from a table in the restaurant soon after he had bought it! Since he had CCTVs cameras installed everywhere he saw the person who had stolen it – a very well-to-do woman, and a frequent visitor to his restaurant! He called her up and told her that she had been caught stealing his laptop on the CCTVs cameras and that the cops had been informed. She promptly disconnected the phone, but after that her husband made some two dozen calls to the restaurateur!

I wonder if that’s a sociological or a psychological issue concerning the haves and the have nots? I wonder what this very affluent woman was ‘aspiring’ for!