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Don’t take life so seriously…

Posted: September 27, 2010 in blogging
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My favourite quote is “Don’t take life so seriously, no one gets out alive.” I’ve lived by those rules all these years and now as (according to some of my young friends) I am heading into the sunset, I am hardly going to change that view. I hope my students follow that dictum when they are my age and wherever they are! They will be amazed at how far they can go in life with a smile on their face.

But it’s amazing how much manure grows between the ears of some people. They could fertilise their backyard with it. A few days back I was asked by a student whether the news of my resignation was true. Well, if my resignation had been ‘seen’ by a student lying on the institute director’s table, it had to be true. Only I had no clue!

When I found out from where this bit of information emanated, I confronted the person. This kid told another that he had heard me telling someone that I had been offered the post of editorial consultant for an English magazine. He assumed that since I had been “offered” this post I would naturally be quitting. I don’t know, from where he got this bit of inspired thinking. He passed on this “information” to someone else. I don’t blame him, because he probably thought he had got a “scoop”! But this is the point from where 2+2 became 22! From here on, my offer letter became a resignation letter which had already found its way to the boss’s table. Of course, neither the employee nor the boss had a clue!

So by the time I got to hear about it, I was, according to some people, on the verge of bidding goodbye to the institute! It’s surprising how much time people have on their hands in the midst of assignments, projects and the impending semester-end examinations! I wish they took as much interest in what they had come here to do, instead of whining on about this and that, everyday. That at the end of this farce, I still have my wits around me and can still laugh about it, has a lot to do with my favourite quote. The thing is I get mad too, and I don’t forget, but unlike some people I know, I don’t let it affect me.

Like today, as I was dropping my wife off at her place of work I saw something that made me laugh. We were at a traffic intersection just before 9 am, when the traffic lights hadn’t started functioning. One car just about grazed past another. Both cars stopped in the middle of the intersection. The drivers kept staring at each other, neither wanting to budge, even as horns blared all round us. We too were trying to weave our way around the mess. Suddenly both aggrieved drivers shot out of their respective cars and began slapping each other.

It was the most absurd scenario, because nothing had happened to either car. Suddenly a cop materialised out of somewhere and began to placate the two idiots. Instead, he should have done to the two guys what they were doing to each other. It would have brought the problem to an abrupt, albeit painful end. Since I was getting delayed, I didn’t wait to see whether he did or not. It was only after I dropped off my wife, did I think back on the incident and start laughing.

Take even me for instance. I am a punctuality freak. I hate going late anywhere – unless I am in an accident. I once reached a big fat Punjabi wedding, at 7.30 p.m. because the card stated that. The wedding party, however, landed up at 11 p.m.! I was hopping mad at being made to wait. Then my wife told me “Why get mad at them? Always reach an hour or so late for such events.”

A few years earlier, I also reached the Poona Club at 7. 30 p.m. for a wedding reception slated for 8.00 p.m. The bride reached over an hour late. This time I had reason to complain. I was the groom.