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Dimag ki batti band…

Posted: September 10, 2012 in Shopping
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Last evening we drove down to this mall in Koregaon Park. We’d never been there before so we thought of checking it out. The parking was large and spacious, but I noticed there weren’t too many cars there even though it was a Sunday. So far so good, I thought, to myself. As we were being frisked by security, apart from the usual, mobile, keys and wallet, I also had an unopened packet of Mentos and an empty packet of chewing gum in my shirt pocket. The security guards didn’t seem to have a problem with the contents so I didn’t think twice about it.

Once in, I looked around and realised there weren’t too many people there, even for a Sunday, which was good, but there were also not too many places to shop around either. After 15 minutes of browsing around and not finding anything interesting we headed for the basement which housed the provisions store, which seemed the only place worth stepping into.

We bought some foot mats, a set of six beer mugs and the usual knickknacks. As we were waiting at the checkout counter to pay, my son ran up with a packet of Mentos and I told him to put it back as I already had one with me.

Here’s where I admit, in hindsight, that I made an error of judgement. It didn’t strike me that one was not supposed to either carry eatables in or eat in the mall, I opened the packet and handed out the Mentos to my son, niece and brother-in-law. The next thing I saw was a security guard walking up and telling me in Hindi, “Sir, you have taken this off the shelf, please pay for it at the counter.”

I politely told him I had not taken it off any of the shelves, but had it in my pocket when I came in. I also told him that my son had brought a packet of Mentos from somewhere and I had told him to return it to the shelf since I already had this one in my possession.

He should have accepted my answer or asked me to hand over the packet to scan to confirm whether I was telling the truth. I would have been okay with that since he was justified in asking for the packet to confirm my story. Another few seconds and I would probably have apologised for eating in the mall, and made him see reason. But then, he said something that he shouldn’t have and probably thought since he was in a uniform he could get away with it.

“I saw you taking it from there,” he said pointing to one of the counters where the mints and chewing gum lay.

That’s when I lost it. Heck, I hadn’t even gone towards the counter leave alone pick up something from somewhere, and wasn’t going to take it quietly. I told him I had been in the queue for the past few minutes. But, since he kept insisting that I had taken it from the counter I walked up to the counter and showed him the carton of Mentos which was full. My son had thankfully picked up the Mentos from some other counter.

The guard realised he had goofed, but tried to bluster his way through by insisting that he had seen me taking it and then demanded that I run it through the scanner. I promptly handed over the opened packet to him and told him that if it didn’t match with stuff they had there, then he better be prepared for the consequences.

He realised where this was heading and walked away quietly. I was tempted to call the guy back and humiliate him in front of his managers, but left it since he could have got into trouble and then I was at fault, in a way, for consuming an eatable.

While I understand that these guys have a difficult task keeping an eye on kleptomaniacs and shoplifters, he should have also realised what he was accusing a customer of doing, especially since one, I hadn’t done it, and two, he had not seen me doing it. Moreover, it wasn’t like the place was bursting at the seams. There couldn’t have been more then a 30-odd customers in the various checkout counters there.