Cops should be policing not playing nursemaid

Posted: September 10, 2012 in Pune Police, Teenagers
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I’m hopping mad at a few things I’ve been reading about recently…
Cancelling rock music shows, performances by people like Lucky Ali or even raiding parties at farm houses is the most idiotic reaction by the Pune Police I’ve seen, since I was an eighteen year old. Are we sliding back into the silly ages?

According to some it’s the parents who are upset that their children attend these shows and get drunk or inhale banned substances. Firstly, a lot of parents should take a good look at themselves in the mirror and think back to the time they were in teens. Secondly, if parents can’t develop that trust with their children then they have only themselves to blame. And because they can’t rein in their kids they push it on the policemen?

I’m pretty sure many parents sneaked around as kids, doing things they now don’t want their kids to do. Have we forgotten those long drives with girl friend(s) or that surreptitious ciggy in the public garden after sunset or as we got older, bringing friends home to party when the folks were out? That is not to say parents should turn a blind eye to what their children do. But running to the cops is hardly the solution!

So to feign helplessness and run to the police is the worst thing parents could do to alienate themselves from their children. And for the police to take up cudgels on behalf of parents, it must mean they really have nothing better to do. At least this is what I read in the case of the police raiding the kiddie party hosted in some farmhouse in the city. Why did the parents give permission to their children to attend such a party, in the first place? And now politicians jump into the fray telling teenagers to stop partying.

Why don’t the police do what they are supposed to do – stop bomb blasts, murders, rapes and other crimes, instead of playing nursemaid to unfit parents? Pune hasn’t exactly been a model city this last decade and the cops are largely responsible for that decline.

Not all children think living away from their parents means brushing their teeth with Old Monk every morning and using a spoon for purposes other than stirring a tea cup, in the evenings. I know a lot of responsible students who understand the fact that parents are paying so much for their education because it would help them make a better life. If some youngsters don’t understand that, then it’s for the parents to find a way out.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read the report that said that police officials would be meeting college principals and headmasters to discuss the growing phenomenon of young students “seeking entertainment that did not augur well with their age”! Pray, how do college principals keep a check on a student once he or she leaves the college premises?

Then we have the case of the cops stopping rock shows, because young people do things they shouldn’t be doing. Why not just evict those who are under the influence of booze and drugs? I’m sure there must be enough people at such concerts who come to listen to the music and chill. Why spoil their fun? It’s time the police officials learn to to do their jobs in the manner they should instead of these absurd knee-jerk reactions because a handful of brats make a nuisance of themselves. And what’s the guarantee that there are no oddballs getting drunk or stoned at a performance of Ustad Zakir Hussain or Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma or Shobha Gurtu or Shubha Mudgal?

Sometime in 1984, I went for an out-of-the-world music performance in Mumbai’s Cooperage ground. Everyone was seated, there was no dancing or anyone going crazy, and I could smell smoke of a different kind blowing in the wind. It was pretty obvious the smell wasn’t of just tobacco but no one bothered the next guy. There were teenagers mingling with adults and everyone was loving the music from the quartet who had the audience eating out of their hand. No one misbehaved, no one was thrown out and everyone was having a good time. Guess who was playing – Ustad Zakir Hussain, John McLaughlin, Vikku Vinayakram and L Shankar aka Shakti.

  1. ashiot says:

    Thing is even cops are belong to the same ilk as the parents who apparently can’t control their children. They have a typical middle class closed mindset and expect every youngster to behave like an effin’ boy scout. Besides whom does a party behind closed doors hurt? And how do the same people accept illegally loud ‘devotional’ music till late at night, encroachment on public places like roads and footpaths in the name of festival? This is not just hypocrisy, it is idiocy. I for one have given up hope for any change.

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