Oh shit!

Posted: December 21, 2011 in Dogs
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It’s something that always makes my bile rise. And especially when it happens as I breathe in the cool, fresh morning air. Every morning when I go for a walk I have to tread very carefully and gingerly. And that isn’t because I have a troublesome knee. I have to watch out for the poop that is strewn along the road by dogs which are also on their morning ablutions, accompanied by their owners.

Some environment-loving citizens, who like me, like to breathe in the fresh morning air and go for walks to stay fit, seem to overlook that when it comes to their dogs crapping all over the place. In fact they encourage their pets to defecate on the footpaths, which the PMC’s sweepers diligently clean every morning, so we can walk there instead of on the road.

But these dog owners believe the entire road is their dog’s baap ka raasta and it can crap anywhere it damn well pleases. So me and others like me, have to weave around dog poop all over the footpath and on the roadside and instead of enjoying Black Dog on the headphone, I have to watch out for the real one which is in a position that is between sitting and standing on the footpath, about to empty its bowels, right next to me. Believe me, a Saint Bernard or a Great Dane are beautiful (if not a little too huge) animals to watch, but not when they are in the middle of their crap time!

If any canine lover reading this thinks it’s ‘so sweet’ to watch a dog crapping on the road, I’d like to see their reaction when they step into the shit and have to scrape it off their Reeboks! Thankfully, I have so far escaped the ordeal. Better still, why don’t they allow the dogs to dirty their own homes first before letting them muck up the outside? How would they like me to dump my garbage on their lawn?

While I completely understand that canines need a place to let go, and can’t possibly squat over the toilet at home, I do wish dog lovers would ensure that their pets don’t empty their bowels on the footpath or on the roadside and worse, like it’s none of their damn business.

Years ago, the BMC first asked a well known political columnist to clean up after her dog messed up Marine Drive one morning. When she refused they fined her and when she refused to pay the fine, they hauled her to court, where she lost the case. I don’t think the PMC needs to go that far as yet, but I think it’s time people understood that their dogs are as much responsible for polluting the environment, as they are.

If that doesn’t work, it’s for the Pune civic or cantonment authorities to step in and tell dog owners to stop adding to the (dog) crap that’s already lying around, thanks to the number of stray dogs running around loose. I do wish the people who take up the cause of strays would give a thought to this aspect too!

  1. there’s something called a ‘poop scooper’ which i’ve got. everytime i take my dog out for a walk, i carry it along (and proudly flaunt it). whenever he takes a shit, i look around, make sure people are watching, scoop it, bring it back home and flush it down my loo. i do expect people to come running and pat my back or give a standing ovation. no one does. nevertheless i continue doing it, in hope that someday the governement (or at least the PMC) will give me bharat ratna.

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