Facebook’s become a large community toilet

Posted: May 25, 2011 in Facebook
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It’s for the second time in three years that I’ve actually got tired of being on Facebook. Like my late boss and Editor S.D. Wagh used to say, “If I see another newspaper, I am going to throw up.” I’ve begun to feel that way too. Reading the status updates, some thought-provoking, others funny and a lot of others just inane, was all in day’s work. I was okay with that. Some of the one-liners were really creative, pithy and acerbic and deserved a pat.

But I was really tired of being spammed with Osama videos and all kinds of silly links that wasn’t going to open in fifty years – if I ever lived that long. I mean one video a day is fine but 20 links one after another? Or someone spamming me with a stupid link about “Hey look what the girl did…” I have no interest in what any girl did or what her dad did to her.

What’s worse is some of my students who think they are being smart by carpet bombing unsuspecting Facebookers like me with some product, and copying the whole world or someone else tagging me in some video due to which I suddenly get fifty replies, I have no interest in reading something that starts with “cool dude” and ends at “saxxy f*****g shit maan”. That’s the extent of the vocabulary. I have no problems with some of my more enterprising students sending me their work for me to read or pictures to see.I am guilty of not having had the inclination to see them all because of the way I’ve been feeling. One of them sent me stories he had written that I haven’t had the energy to open.

Then there are those whose sms’ I read on MY FB page – “Pick up the phone asshole”. Wouldn’t it be easier to sms the ‘asshole’ at the same number, instead of letting me and others know, that someone so desperately wants to speak to someone else? There are also some downright crude messages by some (who I had mistaken for) very refined kids I meet up in college, to their friends and acquaintances. Frankly, they disappoint me.

So, I don’t know what your opinion is, but to me Facebook is beginning to resemble a large community toilet which is used by people with verbal diarrhoea who outnumber genuine networkers and friends, for whom it is a platform to renew ties. The fact that I can’t go beyond this line, proves how desperately I need a break from all the crap I’ve been hit with. And since I am too polite to kick people out of my page, I shall remove myself.

  1. MCM says:

    Research shows that people who find you on FB are :

    High School kids you hated : 30%
    College people you hated : 30%
    Work Coleagues you hate : 30%
    Actual Friends : 10%

  2. Janhavi says:

    Its like usig mobile phones. Earlier we remembered the phone numbers of our friends and relatives by heart. But since we started using mobiles, we dont even remember our own numbers – leave aside others.
    Same goes with FB. Better stop using it . . .its also becomes an addiction of sorts.
    Most of the IT people flaunt it to brag about their new car, new flat or new holiday they have taken outside the country.

  3. Seema says:

    No No! Don’t leave! Its not possible to contact you all the time. And Facebook is the only medium to keep in contact. Kick out people but please don’t remove yourself.

  4. Sir,
    Facebook’s is passe.
    Twitter’s the place to be.
    Guess you should make the transition!

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