Just some ‘trivial’ stuff…

Posted: December 27, 2010 in Teenagers
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The other day one of my female colleagues came up to me and demanded my attention. Skulking behind her was this teenaged student who was in low waist jeans and a rather short top, from under which peeked her belly button!

The colleague’s query: “Do you believe the student is dressed appropriately? Should she be penalised?” Behind her, I could see some of the student’s friends imploring me to side with them! I gave my colleague both opinions – personal and professional. While she was okay with my professional opinion, that the student should be penalised for flouting the rules, she wasn’t too pleased with my personal opinion – a shrug of the shoulders!

Here’s a teenager who wants to dress the way everyone else does today, and I see nothing wrong in that. But yes, if a rule is a rule, the student should be taken to task. My take, when she has all the time after college to walk around in anything she wants to, why not just follow the rules while in college? I know some people will say media schools should not have such restrictions. Maybe, but the rule is there and until someone decides to scrap it, we have to follow it. There’s no point fretting and fuming.

The colleague’s next question: Would you allow your daughter to dress like ‘this’? When my answer was again a shrug of the shoulders, she got even more perturbed. She expected me to agree with her and I wasn’t going to. I have no problem with people who ascribe to such views, but please don’t expect me to do the same or have such an attitude.

My sister-in-law believes we (my wife and I) have ‘spoilt’ her 18-year-old daughter by buying clothes that her mother considers bold. So now when we want to buy the kid some clothes, her mother tags along, just to make sure we don’t lead her astray!

Like, this dear friend in Delhi who’s rather good-looking and I don’t know if she knows it. She’s tall, dusky and attractive, and every time she steps out she makes heads turn. When I was in Delhi this time and we were strolling around the Capital’s markets or travelling by the Metro, I was amused watching the guys and the girls giving her admiring glances!

While on our way to dinner at Big Chill in Khan Market, we walked past this bunch of guys, one of whom put his hand to his heart and just rolled his eyes when he saw her! I don’t know if she even noticed, but I did and wanted to laugh!

The day she walked into the newspaper office, where I worked, to meet the Editor-in-Chief at my request, around 15 years ago, all the men stopped working and stood up to get a good look at her! I had to dampen their interest by telling them that she was seeing someone. She still is. And I’ve never seen her dress in anything outrageous or revealing to grab attention. She doesn’t need to. And that’s my point.

Which brings me to why, I thought of this subject. I was on Facebook and among the people who are on my list are some female students of mine who announce that they are in a “relationship” with each other! I am pretty sure they aren’t but there is a shock value in that! And today’s teenagers love to shock – whether it’s the language, dress or manner in which they conduct themselves!

So, while I have no issues with people who want to shock, I do wonder whether there is a need to trivialise serious and very personal issues like sexual orientation. And then, they should remember, once it’s on the Internet, it’s in the public domain and open to misuse. What may be done in fun today, may not seem as funny tomorrow.

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  2. vidya says:

    Yes, some of the most attractive women I have met are the ones who would look sexy in a sack- they really didn’t have to show skin to look beautiful. I am going through a similar phase with my 16-year old daughter and sometimes am not sure how bold is too bold!! I think of myself as a cool mom and allow her to wear dresses which could be classified as ‘revealing’ especially in the strict mallu household I grew up in, but also wonder if I am shrugging my shoulders a little too often, a little too much to keep up with the times. My only consolation is that she is still not on any networking sites- wonder how long that will last.

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