WTF are you saying??????

Posted: October 18, 2010 in the F word

Ok, so I have my wife’s permission to write this blog post. Since she’s done law and knows what she’s talking about, she believes I won’t get sued.

Having studied in a boy’s school, where everyone from the teachers to the peons used the F word quite liberally, it became a trifle difficult to avoid its usage! Now the word sits very comfortably in the midst of my vocabulary and pops up like a jack-in-the-box every now and then. The innumerable uses of the word and its different forms and implications have made the English language so much colourful. There are just so many different ways to use the F word without really using it, aren’t there?

Telling someone off is so much easier now. You can use it anywhere and with anyone on any occasion, and in so many different forms, without being hauled over the coals. Or you can just give that look which implies “Do whatever you f*****g want!” After all, can someone sue you for giving that look or implying that you actually wanted to use the F word (which incidentally, is a legitimate word in the dictionary)?, when you were only telling the person to go ahead and do whatever he or she wants?

Years ago I read a treatise on the F Word by Osho and I think it really was so lucidly put that even I couldn’t have said it better! Just think! According to Osho we could have a wonderful day and a clear throat if we said ‘F*** you’ five times as soon as you got up every morning! It could give us an extraordinary perspective into the way we experience life and its myriad moments.

Just like the 5 W’s and H, the English language has the F word. We wouldn’t ever have to worry about What, Where, When, Who, Why and How if we had just this one (F) word and its various implications. It would make life so much easier. Saying something like ‘What The F*** (WTF) would have had most of us scratching our heads in the early days, but today because of the F word, it has become so much easier to understand what we are trying to say!

Not everyone is familiar with it though. Like the other day, I, along with some of my colleagues had been to an event which could have best been described as ‘crap’. It was something that could have been a trendsetter for Pune, but it instead became an embarrassment. So during the event I passed a paper to one of my colleagues with the message ‘WTF???’ written on it after another gasbag was done with his atrocious rendering of “I, Me and Myself. The look on my colleague’s face was priceless. He had no clue what ‘WTF???’ meant, till a lady next to him told him.

The strange thing is that in all these years, though the word has become a part of my life, I’ve never once used it (either literally or figuratively) to denigrate any of my seniors to the face. I might call someone that in a rage when that person isn’t around, but neither have I used it and nor have I let it show on my face, when the person is in front of me. Blame that on my middle class upbringing or my respect for authority. I guess the times have changed. I don’t know what you’re thinking, but I feel it’s better to have a clear conscience than a clear throat! Nowadays, conscience is something that is in short supply.

Oh, and just in case you like this blog post, please leave a message telling me what you think. And if you don’t, just think of the word ‘apathy’ and watch this video.

  1. Maulik says:

    i would luv to know who that person was who didnt know the meaning of ‘wtf’ sirjee! (although i can take a few wild guesses). And yea, if i m not mistaken that event was utter crap. gr8 piece and yes, that Osho talk is so amaziningly kool!! 🙂

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