The problem with Akismet…

Posted: April 21, 2010 in blogging
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Ever since I moved from Blogspot to WordPress, I’ve noticed that I’m getting very few comments on my posts. There could be two good reasons for that. One could be that people are not aware I’ve moved and so think that I, like a million other bloggers who start enthusiastically, have now decided to call it a day. And two, is that they don’t think my posts aren’t worth reading anymore!

There is a third, and possibly more plausible reason that I discovered recently. It’s called Akismet. It’s a software that blocks spam and while it supposedly does a great job, it also blocks a lot of comments that bloggers like me who are on WordPress get. I’ve just noticed that 17 spam comments have been blocked.

These could be from my friends, or could also be those “Increase your…in six weeks” etc. apart from the Viagra advertisements, which I don’t need. But how do I know? Since I can’t read them I have no clue who they are from – from those who follow my blog or just the spammers. Going through the Akismet site I realise that any comments that say “nice blog” “well said” “what crap” etc. are automatically shunted into an invisible spam bin which bloggers have no access to!

So, I’m just being positive and telling all those of you who wish to comment on my blog – just be a little expansive with your comments and not end it two words! Unless my posts are only worth two words. Then your comments are better off in spam! But if it still doesn’t appear then blame me. Until then, blame Akismet or your Kismet. Cheers!!

P.S. Any help on how to solve this problem, will be most welcome!!

  1. Sumeet says:

    Can you elaborate on your statement ““Increase your…in six weeks” etc. apart from the Viagra advertisements, which I don’t need”

    You don’t need to “increase your…in six weeks” or you don’t need “the Viagra”?

    Or you don’t need “…in six weeks” as you can’t wait that long for the result?

    Maybe this comment will get blocked because of the V word….

  2. Mohan says:

    well, it’s not blocked!

  3. Pradeep Menon says:

    If I was a good student of Mr. Pinto, even my comments would be done in two words. Somehow, I am not a fan of editing. The bigger the better. (Which is not a tagline for the product which increases your … in six weeks!)

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