Getting emotional….

Posted: March 28, 2010 in students

Sometimes things that people do can make you very emotional. No, I’m not referring to the mastery of Sachin Tendulkar as he raced to his first one-day double hundred or the below-par performance of SRK’s Knight Riders! On Wednesday last (March 24) I went to the under-grad campus of SIMC for some work and one of my students, Monica Banerjee, asked me if I had seen the graffiti that the students had prepared.

She took me along to the 6th Floor of the institute where she showed me some graffiti. Every second poster had some very nice things said about me. And I’m not being sarcastic. The comments were flattering and extremely complimentary. That doesn’t happen in a lot of other situations one finds oneself in every other day, where people only wait to pick faults at anything and everything you do.

When I mentioned this to a student of the PG batch, the reply I got was “18-year-olds are a lot more affectionate than robotic, scheming, politicking 23 year olds!”

Now that’s not entirely true. A lot of the 23-year-olds also ask me when I am going to take their lectures again and I tell them I have no clue. But there are those 23-year-olds who believe that indulging in politics with their faculty and emerging unscathed is a victory, little realising that they are painting themselves into a corner.

The other side to this, is another incident that really made me wonder why we even care to help people. Some months ago I got a call from a guy (M) who was desperately seeking help for his daughter who is a budding sportsperson. He pleaded and cajoled me to think about helping his little girl and after a lot of doubts and misgivings I agreed to help her. I called a friend who is among the who’s who in his area of expertise and he agreed to take up her case.

So last night when I got a call from M and he threatened me for not doing enough for his little girl, I was shocked! His take was that since the person who I had spoken to had not yet done something for his daughter, he was going to make sure that I suffered! Yup, that’s right, he said he would ensure that I would be bumped off soon because, according to his convoluted mind I had ruined his daughter’s career. I am at a loss to understand how I, was in any way, responsible for his daughter’s career, when I had not even met her till date or wanted to meet him. It was obvious he was drunk and I am assuming by morning the booze came down and so did his bravado.

I feel sorry for the girl because I know she is genuinely talented. Her father wont accept it, but the people who I have spoken to and who have seen this kid perform, have said she is superbly talented. But for her old man’s behaviour with the people who mattered in the sport, she would have made a name for herself in her chosen discipline. So anyway, last night after having listened to all the threats and warnings of dire consequences, I really wondered whether it was worth helping anyone. You don’t expect anything in return, but you surely don’t expect to be threatened. Whoever coined that phrase “a friend in need…is no friend of mine” sure knew what he was talking about.

  1. These kind of people (M) really deter one from even wanting to help people. It is a sad situation…on one side you want to help people but then you don’t…its the case of ek taraf kua…doosri taraf khai….

  2. Seema says:

    I really miss Print Journalism lectures

  3. Nandan says:

    And and and just in case you don’t know, a few desks have ” Mohan Sinha roxx”,a few have random nice messages about you, one desk has been bold black highlighted on its lateral side(601)that reads ‘Mohan Sinha is AWESOME’ and the most interesting one I have read ” Marry me Mohan Sinha!!!”

    Now your wife should get a little insecure!!

  4. mohansblog says:

    Thank you, Nandan! I feel terribly flattered to be appreciated in all these ways by my students.
    As for insecurity, crushes by students on professors is nothing new and we all outgrow them. We too had our share of “sexy” (you missed that message from one of the classrooms!) teachers in school and college!

  5. I’ve seen that graffiti.
    Now, the only thing I’m thing I’m looking forward to is the journalism specialization classes.

    As for the Curious Case of M, well, sometimes the alcohol talks more than it should. All we can do, is listen.

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