Women, the new ‘reserved’ category

Posted: March 9, 2010 in Women's Reservation Bill
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Do women need to be reminded on a particular day every year, that they are stronger than men? I don’t need some silly ‘Day’ to tell me that women are a damn sight smarter and stronger than men – except when they are on a two-wheeler or behind the wheel of a car! Then they’re positively scary! And this is not my opinion alone but also of some women I know! Not that the men in Pune are any better, but this post isn’t about them.

Sorry, but all these absurd ‘Days’ that some international bodies dig up and make a lot of noise over is really a lot of hot air. Look at Monday, for example – International Women’s Day. I haven’t understood why they celebrate this as some sort of international event. What purpose does it serve? It’s not like a birthday or an anniversary.

It’s for the same reason that I dislike Valentine’s Day, Father’s day, Mother’s Day etc etc. and all the damn days some smart greeting card manufacturer drums up every year so he and his ilk could do some business, or some international body can blow up somebody else’s money. With the Internet and the ubiquitous mobile phone ruling the roost, greetings card manufacturers must be going out of business. So what else can they do except launch some idiotic day?

And, now, if that’s not enough, all the men (and a sprinkling of women) in Parliament want a legislation that will give 33 per cent reservation to women in the Lok Sabha. Some men are pushing for the Women’s Reservations Bill while others which include women, are refusing to do so. Even on that point they don’t agree. Bit of a farce isn’t it?

And they are calling it some great event that needs to be commemorated ever year, even if it means the government has to drag the MPs, kicking and screaming to pass a legislation that most of them are dead against, for whatever reasons. Look at what happened in the Rajya Sabha on Monday and Tuesday. Even the members on the treasury benches, who aren’t even elected, were engaging in pitched battles. How did it matter to them?

And the chatterati is raging against the dhotiwallahs for flinging papers at the Vice President. What do they expect – they are dealing with scumbags not some page 3 socialites being asked about the pay disparity between their maids. Most of the politicians probably don’t even know what they are protesting against! (“Kaa ho, tablewa naa tod na hain. Ee konchi badi baat hain!”).

Secondly, can the Act guarantee that the quality of women who enter Parliament will not be the likes of Phoolan Devi or Rabri Devi? Sorry ladies, if and when this Bill becomes an Act, you’ll just have become part of a larger ‘caste’ system, where just like the other prevalent categories you too will become one. So a deserving woman candidate will lose out to some illiterate angootha chhaap with dubious connections to the top. And that, according to this government is how politics in this country should be and will be conducted in the future.

I remember what a colleague, who was an OBC, remarked bitterly after the Mandal Commission report was implemented. “I feel like the animal which gets branded. I am going to carry the mark for the rest of my life.”

  1. shaswatidas says:

    This bill, as you rightly pointed out, ensures more poor quality women MPs. Had the situation been different, wherein educated, qualified women were finding it a tussle to get a ticket, the quota would have made sense.
    Sonia Gandhi tried her level best at blackmailing Laloo into lending support to the bill ,by virtue of the fact that he has 7 daughters. So this has conveniently paved the path for letting all 7 enter into mainstream politics, irrespective of their calibre. So the one-upmanship that the “women” reservation bill was trying to establish might just backfire ! (not to mention that all of Hindi cinema’s the then leading ladies, or whatever is left of them, will now be availing of a very “politically correct” retirement !)

  2. jogesh says:

    Read yr post. My dear frnd i also felt this is wrong as most of the powerul people will gv their seats to a family member to contest.
    One of my points is that , if there is reservation for evrbody , why not no reservation 4 muslims. R they not a part of India.
    We hv to realise that we hv a biased opinion against muslims .Muslims form nearly 30% of the indian population. But somehow we feel that india is a hindu nation ( sikhs , christians , parsis , etc. are all part of us ).
    The only community considered not part of us is muslims. We are creating greater problems for the future of our children by not making them part of our society.
    I hv no political views , but had to say this as i feelt this is the right thing.

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