Local train politics….

Posted: February 8, 2010 in Politics
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So I guess it took another Delhiwallah to go local train-hopping in Mumbai to put the entire issue of Maharashtrian pride, IPL and all the damn nonsense that’s been erupting all over like sores, in perspective. When Gandhi Jr, travelled from Dadar to Andheri or wherever, it sparked off yet another war of words. Publicity stunt it was, but a good one nevertheless. I think it really put the brakes on a lot of people looking to make capital on the visit.

But I really do think this whole debate has reached nonsensical proportions. Starting with Lalit Modi, followed by Shilpa Shetty, Shah Rukh Khan shooting his mouth off and then the Thackerays going for each other’s and everyone else’s jugular and now Rahul Gandhi, I think this whole farce is now, becoming…well, even more farcical.

So why did SRK say that he would love to have the Pakistanis in the team? Considering that he is the owner of the Kolkata Knight Riders, he could have exercised that right when the auctions took place earlier. At that time, he and his IPL friends collectively buried their heads in the sand. Unfortunately, when one buries one’s head in the sand, one leaves one’s rear open to attack. And that is precisely what happened. They got their butts taken by all and sundry.

Damage done, they then went about trying to brazen their way out and only ended up looking even more stupid. The issue would have ended up in some corner of the sports pages, had King Khan not shot his mouth off. And soon the issue went from being ‘I Pee El’ to ‘let’s pee all over each other’.

Suddenly, from cricket it became one for Marathi pride and North Indians and anyone not Maharashtrian. And now everyone’s throwing mud at each other and hoping it sticks. Really, doesn’t the public have anything else to do, except read and listen to these sanctimonious, arrogant humbugs?

Speaking of which, Gandhi Jr. ranted against the power brokers in the party. Over 25 years ago his father made a similar remark at a party event in Mumbai. He too was referring to the coterie that surrounded his mother and him and I thought, “He’s sunk, they won’t let him survive in politics.”

I rarely mourn for our politicians, because I think most of them are just scumbags who deserve nothing better than a one-to-one with Him at the earliest. But when Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated I felt genuinely sorry. I really did believe that he was a good man in the wrong place. He was caught between the fixers and crooks and really didn’t know how to handle them.

After he lost his first election and by the time the second one came around, I thought he had become smarter and could tackle these fixers. Unfortunately, he didn’t survive to see another election. Was he involved in the Bofors deal? I don’t know and I guess no one ever will. The truth died with him.

20 years later, Rajiv’s son is trying to change the system. Let’s hope the system doesn’t change him.

But why blame politicians, look at what’s happening in the Army. That’s one institution one always thought was like Caesar’s wife – beyond reproach. Some years ago, I remember telling my former landlord, an ex-Colonel, that at least the Army was incorruptible and he burst out laughing. “They make money even on spectacle frames ordered in bulk,” was his riposte. And that was a decade ago.


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