Liberhan report – Who’s interested anymore?

Posted: November 24, 2009 in Uncategorized
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Heard this joke?
A very worried mother takes her daughter, who’s been complaining of a tummy ache, to the doctor. The doctor examines her and announces that the girl is pregnant. The shocked mother refuses to believe it and says her daughter is innocent and that it could not have happened. The doctor goes to the window and starts looking up at the sky.
The mother asks him what the devil he thinks he’s doing and the doctor replies, “The last time this happened, a star appeared in the sky. I am trying to find another.”
So it brings me to the question… whodunit? If PC didn’t leak it and Liberhan didn’t leak it, then who did? I guess since both accused parties have denied they did, it’s now really up to the Holy Ghost!
So what was the reason behind the selective leaking of the Liberhan report? The Liberhan panel, itself, had anyway outlived its purpose and had become the proverbial dead horse the politicians kept flogging.
Vajpayee is on his last legs (literally and figuratively), Advani is on his way out, and no one gives a rat’s ass if Murli Manohar Joshi and Kalyan Singh are sent to the moon and never return. As for the rest of them, I don’t think any right thinking Indian even knows or cares for the likes of Sadhvi Rithambara or Uma Bharati and what happens to them post-Liberhan.
Funnily, the report supposedly absolves the man who sat there like a pouting Buddha and let it happen – P.V. Narasimha Rao. If there is one guy who should be nailed for whatever happened on that fateful December 6, it’s Rao. It makes one wonder whether Liberhan has lost the plot.
When the Babri Masjid fell, I was on duty at the Maharashtra Herald that evening. The Editor S.D. Wagh came back from his customary walk and looked at me questioningly. I signalled with my palms that the dome had come down. His immediate comment was “good”.
Seeing the shocked look on my face he explained, it was good that the dome was down because finally this issue was over and the politicians could not use it for their narrow political gains. I believe the election results over the past decade have proved that the BJP has failed to use the temple issue to garner votes.
Is anyone really interested, whether there was a temple in Ayodhya or a mosque? Or for that matter whether we build a temple there or keep it locked or surrounded by CRPF personnel?
On another note, the BJP should be handing out complimentary memberships by the dozen to a lot of people in the Congress. After all, who else can they thank for pulling them out of the commode? Are there some closet Hindu extremists in the Congress Party? The party of geriatrics has suddenly got a new lease of life.
I was hoping that Advani and Co. would be history by the New Year or so, but that seems unlikely now. The only people in the world interested in keeping this issue alive are the old men in Nagpur, the older men in Delhi and some Friends of Modi in the US, who long for a Hindu Rashtra where their beloved Narendrabhai will be the prime minister till eternity.
The rest of the world is more worried about the rising prices, dwindling jobs, their kids inhaling room fresheners in aerosol cans (yup that’s the latest), Coke and ecstasy and whether Sachin Tendulkar will be the first man to score 17,237 runs. Don’t ask me why 17,237? I have no idea. It’s just that, every time he takes another run the media calls it a new ‘world record’!
I am sure Liberhan too must have set some sort of world record!

  1. Janhavi :-) says:

    This is really a good one. . I dont completely understand the complications of the entire Babri masjid episode and the politics involved .. But i completely agree that no one is damn interested in knowing abt it after 17 years. There are other important issues to be resolved. Just one line for them -"Buddhe Satthiyaa Gaye Hai" LOLLet these madmen make a tamasha out of themselves. . we give a damn. We want our future to be safe. . and for that we dont have to dig up the painful past.

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