Break to banta hai!

Posted: November 14, 2009 in blogging, Facebook

Have you ever craved for something to the extent that it drives you to distraction? It could be a cigarette, or a drink; a Bengali sweet or an Ice cream; some spicy chicken or an aloo parantha; computers, music or movies …whatever. I am sure there are a lot more things in this world we crave for.
My friend Joe Pinto says on his blog Against The Tide that for the next three months he is going to spend as little of his personal time in from his computer, as he possibly can. I think it is an excellent idea, considering the amount of time we spend at our PCs every day. The problem is that computers are today an integral tool of work and communication that we cannot do without it.
I calculated that I spend approximately 15-16 hours at my computer, working, chatting, blogging or surfing. And I think that is a bit much! Actually, the reality hit home when I saw an application on Facebook which asked me to find out if I was addicted to Facebook. Once I saw the percentage, I was appalled!
The eight hours at work is something I cannot do without, because it keeps the home fires burning. But I could do something about the other eight, spent either on Facebook, my blog, Youtube Limewire, or some other site, ether chatting, writing, watching music videos or downloading music.
Do I need to spend so much of my free time at my PC? Starting today, I am going to find out. So, if you don’t see me on Facebook, I am probably playing cricket with my son! And if you need to get in touch with me…you have my email IDs and mobile number.

  1. Random Red Fire says:

    Recently, for a short time span, I did try and surprisingly, I didn't miss Facebook or any of the other stuff one bit. It was a pleasant change to see different things/people instead of staring at the laptop screen for 12 odd hours a day. 🙂

  2. Seema says:

    When we went to Panchgani, we didn't carry our laptops, I didn't even carry my cellphone. And I had a time of my life. Got to know more people and more about people whom I already knew. From a collection of small groups, we actually became one big group…atleast for those 5 days.:)

  3. Sourya says:

    I switch off my cellphone at times. And get off the internet. It happens that I spend my time alone, I am just 'switched off' to the world.It's amazing fun to take walks by yourself. Watch a movie alone.But then again, after the alone time, I need the laptop, I need to write. It's a vicious circle!

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