Better than being third class!

Posted: October 16, 2009 in blogging

In reply to Keshav who asks whether I had ever asked my brother why he never wanted to return. Well, I did ask him some years ago and this is what he told me:

During the time he lived in Delhi, he was out partying one night. He and a friend were returning on a motorcycle after a party when their two-wheeler hit a pipe thrown carelessly across the road quite close to AIIMS.

My brother was thrown off the bike and hurt himself profusely, while the rider also injured himself. They managed to get to AIIMS and the rider, who was the son of a well-known politician, left him there and fled. He was drunk and so scared that if the media got wind of it his father would nail him!

My brother says he spent most of the night at AIIMS on a wheelchair, bleeding from head injuries and a fractured hand. But no doctor or nurse came up to him to ask him his condition. It was only after he managed to call another friend and narrated the incident did some friends rush to the hospital and get him admitted.

My brother says he realized then that he could have died right there and no one in that hospital would have bothered. That is when he decided that he never wanted to live in this country and left for the Gulf. His point, was that even if he was a second class citizen in some other country, at least he wouldn’t be treated the way he had been treated at AIIMS.

As to whether he felt a first class or a second class citizen, my brother Rajiv has replied to my earlier post and his comment is attached right below that.

Anyway, the point I was making there was more to do with the fact that we Indians suck up to any other Indian who becomes famous, in another country.

So continuing from where I left off the last time, I hope all those Indians who’ve been busy fawning over Ramakrishnan, including some sections of the media, have realized how Indian he really is and how much he really cares for all those who’ve suddenly discovered a ‘connection’ with him. He’s just told them all to go fish.

Think about it. What if Ramakrishnan had got his Nobel before the email was invented? The poor sod would have been buried under a few thousand letters and telegrams from people who all professed they were his friends from the days he was on a Farex diet.

Thank God for technology. Now all he needs to do is get himself a new email ID –!

  1. Anonymous says:

    We are a mediocre nation of mediocre people wallowing in our mediocre achievements. We want to pull down everyone to our level of mediocrity. Amartya Sen is right here and nobody gives a shit. Nobody even wants to listen to what he has to say. Has anyone even thought of Mother Teresa recently? Did you know Subramaniam Chandrasekar was a nephew of CV Raman and was born in Lahore, which makes him a Pakistani as per our logic. How many people have heard of Hargobind Khorana? Name 3 of Tagore's novels – Nandu

  2. Keshav Kulkarni says:

    Thanks for writing about my query.

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