Forget Warren Anderson…here’s why

Posted: August 4, 2009 in Uncategorized
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My friend Vineeta, a journalist who has worked at senior positions for various publications worldwide, has said in her reply to my post on the Bhopal gas tragedy that if ‘Pinochet’ could be brought to justice, why not Warren Anderson?

Pinochet was never extradited to the US, he was arrested when he was in UK for treatment. But there was another Latin American general who the Americans nailed, which makes much more interesting reading. It shows us how to the Americans will allow a a drug smuggling general to flourish and even keep him on their payroll, as long as he doesn’t jeopardise their interests. The General in question was General Manuel Noriega, Chief of Defence Staff, Panama.

To all those who don’t know, General Noriega was ‘arrested’ from his home in Panama by a team of US Marines and DEA officials that flew into Panama and out with Noriega, before anyone in his security could retaliate. He was made to stand trial for drug trafficking in Miami, and sentenced to 40 years in jail. Think about it, the Americans abducted a general from his home in his country because they believed he was jeopardizing their interests in the region!

Now here’s the interesting part, before he fell foul with the Americans, Noriega was a protégé of the US Drug Enforcement Agency and the CIA. He was on the payroll of the CIA and made over $100,000 a year! The then CIA chief George Bush Sr. (who later became president) backed Noriega through his drug deals. He was even allowed to bring in cocaine in exchange for delivering arms to Nicaraguan rebels on behalf of the Americans. So much for America’s war on drugs!

But, when Noriega refused to support the Americans in their plan to invade Nicaragua, they went after him. In 1987, a Miami grand jury indicted him for drug-trafficking in absentia, and the CIA then tried to destabilize his regime. He was then forcibly airlifted out of Panama, flown to Miami, where he stood trial on charges of drug trafficking!

Now take the case of Bernie Madoff, the man who screwed millions of people of $ 50 billion of their hard earned money, while running, what we in India call an illegal chit fund. Look what happened to him. He got 60 years in jail. Is Warren Anderson any different from Madoff? But Anderson will get away clean. Why?

Because he did not ‘harm’ Americans or American interests. If Union Carbide had released some poison gas in the US that had killed thousands, Anderson would have been serving 200 years in jail. But it happened in India, so the whole of India can go blue in the face screaming for Anderson’s blood, but they’ll be lucky if they get a beep out of the Americans!

  1. jaydantara2 says:

    The U.S. has had a similar strategy right since WW1. Monetary hitmanism is their biggest strength and a cause of fear to the world!

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