Page 3

Posted: July 22, 2009 in Page 3

So I went to this play last night where the arty and page 3 crowd was. There I was, just a middle class guy with middle class values in the midst of the city’s happening crowd. And what did I see with my ‘myopic’ middle class eyes?

You can have all the money in the world and drive all the big cars, but if you don’t have class…

Yup, there they were, talking on the fancy mobile phones, pecking each other, rushing to the free food counters, munching away inside the auditorium…even as the emcee requested guests to be seated, to switch off their mobiles, to not disturb the actors while finding their seats etc etc.

There was a group sitting next to me who were cracking dirty jokes at regular intervals and another which was chatting behind me. There were a couple of women who had their mobile phone ringing loudly and flashing in the darkened auditorium.

There were a bunch of kids who had come for the play, but were outside drinking and chatting. People were walking in and out at regular intervals.Did they spare a thought for the actors and the hosts who went out of the way to make their guests comfortable? Sure, just look how…

At the break the emcee announced that there would be a 10-minute break. The happening crowd stretched it to almost 20 minutes. You see they were so busy hogging on the freebies and washing itn down with the booze. And when they thought it was time to come in, they stood in the aisles as the lights were switched off, and chatted away even as they groped for their seats.

And here I was, this lesser mortal, wondering whether I was doing anything wrong by being seated before the play began and before the break ended; switching off my mobile and looking to enjoy the play – inside the auditorium. I guess I just didn’t fit in.

  1. Shweta says:

    Some people just plain disgust me. It's sad when people ignore someone's work and don't give a second thought. I don't know much about the 'Page 3' people, but from your description, I'd rather stay from them!

  2. Anupa says:

    I'd say you have class and the others don't!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I would say it is high time we as Indians in India learn to understand that rules are there to be followed. The Chalta hai attitude has to go. These very same people will not conduct themselves in such an atrocious manner.

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