Hey Afridi, take your feet out of your mouth

Posted: June 25, 2009 in cricket
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Just when you thought it was safe to get back… on the cricket field, along comes Shahid Afridi.
Now what was the need for Boom Boom (or should that be Big Mouth?) Afridi to say Indians didn’t want to play Pakistan in the World Cup? Has he forgotten that Indians did play Pakistan in a warm up and beat them quite convincingly?
Afridi’s blather comes just after the calm and composed Younis Khan made a fervent plea asking India and others not to boycott sports events in Pakistan, which I thought was a very rational request.
While I agree that the situation in Pakistan isn’t that hot to play with anything except AK-56 rifles and tanks, why penalize the players. I’ve always disliked sports being made a convenient scapegoat by pseudo patriotic politicians and Indo-Pak sports has been the casualty in this regard.
But coming back to Afridi – The first lesson he has to learn, if and when he becomes captain, is that whenever he opens his mouth, his feet must be far away from it, because at the present moment that’s where they are. He should realise that these verbal underarm deliveries do him and his country’s chances of returning to big time cricket more harm than good.
I have a sneaking admiration for the Pakistan cricket team and the manner in which they bull-dozed their way into the final of the T 20 World Cup and won the Cup. I guess when you rub someone’s nose to the ground too long, then that someone, if he has any self respect, is bound to stand up and fight back. And that is what the Pakistan team did.
I did tell my wife and son before the T 20 started that I had a gut feeling about Pakistan. I’m not boasting, just making a statement. Why did I feel that way? Probably, because I usually back the underdog and I thought if these guys had any pride and self respect they would hit back.
After the way they lost to India in the warm-up, I really thought they didn’t have it in them. For their sake, I hope this victory brings about some unity in their battle against the enemy that’s eating up Pakistan from the inside. Otherwise Mr Afridi can keep shooting his mouth off and all that will come out will be blanks.


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