T 20 debacle: The real jokers

Posted: June 15, 2009 in India, selectors
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A long time ago Mohinder Amarnath called the selectors a bunch of jokers. I think that epithet can now be used for some sections of the media. Now that India is out of the T20, the ‘experts’ in the media have started pointing out skipper Dhoni’s mistakes. So why did he send Jadeja before Yuvraj? Why did he give Ishant the extra over. Why did he send in Raina? etc etc.

The way the Indian media has handled the Sehwag issue and now India’s exit from the Cup, has shown that they have neither the maturity nor the experience to wield a pen or a microphone.
Maybe, Dhoni should have consulted the experts in the press box before he went for the toss. Maybe he should do so from now on? After all, these clowns who sit in the press box obviously believe they know more about the game than those 11 guys out there on the field.
What would these ‘jokers’ have said if Jadeja had spanked a quickfire 50 in 22 balls or Ishant had sent a couple of England batsman back the pavillion in that one over? Then Dhoni would have been called the master strategist who takes bold decisions!
The basic problem is that Dhoni has shown contempt for the media and that is what some people can’t stomach. If he, like a former skipper in recent times, had his own favourites in the media, they would have ensured that he got away clean.
I don’t know what you think, but to me, it looks like a lot of these upstarts who call themselves cricket correspondents, don’t know their d— from their elbow, leave alone a full toss from a yorker.
To me the real villain of the piece was Harbhajan Singh who bowled the most irresponsible last over I’ve seen in a long time. The two wickets he got were worth zilch, because he bowled two wides, which cost India the match in the final analysis. Even people like Praveen Kumar and Joginder Singh have bowled better last overs in this format of the game than Harbhajan.
Getting hit by a batsman in the final overs is something no bowler can help. But bowling wides in the last over is gross negligence and when it comes from a senior like Harbhajan, who is looking to fill the shoes of Anil Kumble, it is unforgivable.
  1. Zubin Kabraji says:

    Like I said on Facebook, the Indian team should stick to playing badminton from now on. Bhajji cn be captain of the team with the correspondents as camp followers. Deepika can be brand ambassador and mascot.

  2. Niteesh Krishnamurti says:

    I agree with you entirely. It is obvious that Times Now & it's parent unit The Times of India have a serious problem with Dhoni. One look at these fat a..e holes who have become self appointed experts shows that the only cricket they have played is book cricket, you remember the game where one flicked the pages of a numbered book & scored runs based on the number on the page that opened. A Clas IV pass time when restricted indoors during free periods.It is worse than disgusting the way they have begun baying for Dhoni's blood I guess his obvious popularity & attitude of speaking his mind, not to mention the moolah he is obvious;y making has brought about this nonsensical reporting (if one can call it reporting).

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