Dapoli: The dolphin spotting was fun… II

Posted: June 15, 2009 in Travelogues
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But we did go dolphin spotting the next day, and also visited the Kadyavarcha Ganpati temple which was on top of a hill at Anjarle. The drive to the temple and back was amazing and nerve-wracking, because of the very narrow roads and the steep inclines. But the dolphin spotting the next day was quite a farce. The boatmen would shout ‘udhar dekho’ and by the time all of us trained our eyes in that direction, the so called dolphin was gone! We didn’t see a single one. Then we decided to do our own sightseeing.
Around 10 am, after breakfast, we drove down to the fishing village in Harnai to visit the Suvarnadurg fort. As we set sail for the fort, in the Arabian Sea, the waters were pretty choppy. When we reached the rear of the fort the boatman cut the engine. That’s when we saw the dolphins…1…2…3…4 – there were so many leaping out of the sea that we went crazy trying to count them! Some were as close as five metres from the boat. The marauding tourists hadn’t reached yet, and there were no discarded packets of Lays and kurkure floating in the sea for the dolphins to choke on. So they seemed happy to frolic in the water.
The fort was a no-show because of the choppy seas. The boatman told us that on a normal day the boat would have reached the foot of the fort and one would just have to step on to terra firma. But now we would have to wade to the shore. Since, none of us have a great relationship with the water – except when we are in the shower (and some, not even then) – we weren’t too keen on wading.
Back in the hotel, after the temple visit and lunch, we decided we had had enough of Dapoli. I think the heat and the hotel got to us! Also, I think we just got a little homesick. In less than 30 minutes, we had packed, loaded our bags in the car and were on way to another great drive through the hills on our way back to Pune. Oh, and don’t attempt the Poladpur-Mahabaleshwar stretch, especially in the rains, unless you are the kind who drives around a lot. The entire stretch is a steep climb and in terrible condition. We realized it too late. But the Dandeli-Dapoli and the Dapoli-Pune drives were still the most interesting we did during the entire trip.
It was uphill and downhill most of the way, till we crossed Wai and reached NH 4 from where we turned left for Pune. Once we reached NH 4, it was like driving on a busy city road in the evenings. When we reached home, ourSwift had done 1588 kms over 8 days. Our holiday was over!
I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my travelogues as much as I enjoyed writing them.
Till the next time…Cheers!


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