Dapoli – Making the best of a bad job

Posted: June 15, 2009 in Travelogues
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The day (May 23) we checked in to our hotel in Karde near Dapoli, the cook fled. Trust me we had nothing to do with it …but I can’t imagine a hotel without a cook!
When we left Dandeli for Kolhapur on the last leg of our holiday, we had hoped that the drive would be as much fun as the one till then and we weren’t disappointed. The drive to Belgaum and from there to Kolhapur was smooth. The roads were good except for one patch just after we left Dandeli. Once we touched NH 4 from Belgaum driving was a pleasure. We stopped at Hotel Tourist in Kolhapur for the night and left the next morning for Dapoli.
Just before we did the Kumbharli Ghat stretch we stopped for breakfast at Valley View Hotel. The pohe was good, but the view of the valley in the morning mist, from the hotel was spectacular (see picture). Two and a half hours later we were in Dapoli and in trouble!
When we checked in to the hotel just before noon we decided to order lunch, from Room Service. No one responded. Then we called up reception and they sent a kid to take our order. So there we were, looking at the rather packed menu card and deciding on our lunch, when the kid blurted out, “don’t look at the Menu, you won’t get anything on it.” And out came the unpalatable truth. Now a hotel without a cook was okay for some people who were surviving on a liquid diet, but since none of us were, it presented us with a piquant situation. I don’t know who they brought in as replacement, but if the quality of the food served was any indication, the just-departed cook must have been a master chef! We ate out after that.
The hotel itself was awful. It resembled one of those lodges you see around the Pune railway station. A group of inebriated youths, which included some young women made a lot of honeymooners and families uncomfortable by playing their car stereo at ear-splitting volumes and dancing in the open parking lot at various times of the day/night/ early morning, in various stages of dress and undress.
Strangely, the manager, a doddering old guy, who seemed to have a perennial hangover, never thought it necessary to caution them. Since we had paid for the room in advance, we had to make the best of it or till our patience ran out- which it did.
It was a lousy start to the last leg of our holiday. But it improved from there – or at least we decided to do something to improve it. After lunch we crashed and in the evening went to the beach. I wasn’t too impressed because I had seen better on our drive last year from Karwar to Kanyakumari and Chennai. And then, the tide brought ashore a dead dolphin that made the beach near our hotel stink. (More)


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