Dandeli:Relaxing in the jungle – I

Posted: June 10, 2009 in Uncategorized
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The sky in Dandeli lit up, intermittently crisscrossed with brilliant flashes and thunderclaps rumbled across the valley like drumbeats. Howling winds rattled the doors and windows of our cottage, and torrential rain hammered down on the roof. Mother Nature was at her petulant best.
We came to Dandeli expecting a lot…It’s called a wildlife sanctuary, but we saw very little wildlife here. There were some bison, numerous deer, and a whole lot of birds (the feathered kind), but we didn’t see any tigers, panthers, leopards or even elephants. According to officials at the Camp, there aren’t more than a dozen each of the animals mentioned above. The reason for that, locals say, is the late sandalwood smuggler and brigand, Veerappan, who killed the animals for their tusks and skins.
We checked into the Pradhani jungle camp on May 19, around noon. We would have never found our way there, but the officials at Pradhani sent an escort vehicle. It was a lovely resort, hidden in the reserve forests overlooking the valley. In the afternoon we set off to spot crocodiles in the River Kali. We did see quite a few and the guide even brought some baby crocs for us to hold.
Back at the Camp, during tea we spotted a giant squirrel in the trees next to the dining area. I had never seen anything like it before. The squirrels we’ve seen are those puny creatures that can fit in the palm of the hand. This one was at least 2 feet in length with a very colourful tail.
That night the staff brought us some lanterns just in case the lights went out – and it did. The lantern, we realized later, was a very bad idea, because it attracted a lot of insects that materialized through the cracks in the false ceiling. We were soon brushing away the insects that were crawling on our hands, legs and faces. (More)
  1. Nilesh says:

    Amazing one Sir.Need to meet you when you are back for details on this place.

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