Dandeli:In the lap of Mother Nature – III

Posted: June 10, 2009 in Travelogues
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The next morning we moved to Kali River Resort about 10 kms away, where we lived in a tent. Even as we were settling in, we heard that the resort staff had caught a snake quite close to our tent and sent it back into the jungle! After that, I got busy securing all the gaps in the tent and made sure the front door was shut at all times! Right along side our tent, was the River Kali, where during the rains and in the winter as you take a coracle ride you can spot crocodiles swimming past.
(There was, of course, another occasion we spotted a venomous snake. That was at Hampi. As we were driving towards the Tulabharam monument (a place where kings were weighed in gold) we saw this huge reptile emerging from the ruins, coming towards our car. I was paralysed by the sight and stopped the car. As the reptile got closer, I felt real fear. Hell, I know I was inside the car and all that, but watching that thing coming closer, quite honestly scared the shit out of me! Then the snake stopped.
The guide saw the hood and yelled that it was a cobra. I don’t know who was more scared by all the commotion – me or the snake, but then it turned tail and slithered away. Our guide jumped out of the car and ran after it, mobile in hand, desperately trying to click pictures! Although my wife seemed inclined to follow the guide, I just sat there transfixed by the sight. It’s one thing to see them behind glass cages and tease them, but it’s an entirely different experience confronting them in the open.)
That evening we went on another jungle safari. This time too we didn’t see anything of interest except a Barasinga (a deer with 12 horns) which I spotted as it sprinted through the forest. The animal suddenly reached the clearing, and stopped to look at our car. We were just 20 metres away and even as the driver of our jeep screeched to a halt, the Barasinga sprang right across the car to the other side and disappeared into the foliage. That was the closest we got to experiencing wildlife during our entire trip.
So after three days in Pradhani and Dandeli, we left for Kolhapur on May 22, on our way to Dapoli – Our last halt before returning to Pune.
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