Dandeli – Not too much wildlife– II

Posted: June 10, 2009 in Uncategorized
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Before dawn the next day we were taken on a jungle safari. This was the most disappointing part of our stay in Dandeli. We spotted a wild owl, a peacock, some deer and bison, but not a single big cat or even a tusker. We also visited Sintheri rocks, a 300-feet high single piece of rock under which runs a whirlpool, where 12 tourists had previously lost their lives for not heeding the warning to avoid swimming.
In the evening as we relaxed outside our cottage, we watched dark clouds gather rapidly overhead and knew we were in for big trouble. A few drops of rain, soon gave way to a steady drizzle. The breeze was soon replaced by strong winds and the drizzle was replaced by heavy rain. Then the lights went out. And all hell broke loose. Thunder, lightning, downpour and howling winds, we got it all that night. We were really worried that the roof of our cottage might blow away, but it stood firm!
That night we put the lanterns in the bathroom and had a relatively peaceful sleep, even without a fan. If there was a complaint we had about the Pradhani Camp, it was to do with maintenance.
Okay, so we were in the jungle and should not be squeamish about insects and reptiles crawling around. But the rooms at the Pradhani camp were in a deplorable state. The false ceiling in the room was made of damaged pieces of thermocole with huge gaps between the pieces, allowing worms and insects to fall on unwary guests throughout the night. The night it rained, water began seeping through the ceiling and walls. To me, it looked like a case of doing cheap work rather than getting work done cheap – which was a pity, because otherwise the place is beautiful and the staff simply wonderful. (More)

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