The Ugly Australian – it’s just envy mate!

Posted: June 5, 2009 in IPL, Ugly Australian
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Sir Ian Botham (now don’t ask me who he is), once very sarcastically remarked that a lot of Australians are like their country – big and empty. Seeing the events of the past month, I couldn’t help agree with the great man.
What do you expect from a bunch of obnoxious twits who’s forefathers were bank robbers, rapists and murderers? And their kids think that’s a qualification that should earn them a college degree. Of course, there are the likes of Andrew Symonds and the rest of the Australian sportsmen like Mathew Hayden and Lleyton Hewitt who badmouth India, but are the first to come here when they want to make a quick buck. Take Symonds, he is too busy getting drunk on the millions he made FROM THE IPL! Basically that’s crux of the issue.
If you ask me, it’s pure envy. If Australia is such a great place to be in, why do they keep asking for Indian students and tourists? Because they need the money, stupid! And India is one of the few countries that can give it to them.
Look at the rest of the world. It’s reeling under a recession. Indians, on the other hand, are doing reasonably well. Sure, there are people losing their jobs here as well, but compare that to the numbers elsewhere in the world. The stock markets here are up and running and Indians are still going abroad to study and work – and never mind what Barack Obama says.
That is what bugs the Americans and the Australians. How can this ‘Third World’ country be doing so well while we suffer? That India is not in a situation as hopeless as theirs is something they can’t swallow. So the illiterate Australian who’s education doesn’t get him beyond sheep rearing or driving a truck, is looking at these ‘brownies’ walking around with expensive laptops, spending money. While the Indians there go to college and even drive cabs because they want a better life, the dumb Aussie either hangs around street corners smoking weed or gets into brawls at a pub. And when he isn’t doing either, and needs some money for his next fix, he bangs up some Indian kid, who’s minding his own business. That’s the fair dinkum Aussie for you mate.

  1. Anonymous says:

    A well thought-out and tightly-written piece. Comes straight from the gall bladder.

  2. Nilesh says:

    I think the media has also done its part in blowing it out of proportion. Injustice should not be tolerated, but when Indians make a hue and cry over racism and practice it every time they step out of their homes, dwells on the borderline of hypocrisy.

  3. Sumeet says:

    So the illiterate Australian who’s education doesn’t….who's? whose?gotcha!Good piece though. Are we going to ban the Aussies from the IPL or will we continue to be the forgiving lot that let the Mughals and the Brits come to our beautiful land and commit loot and plunder?

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