Let’s end this soap opera!

Posted: May 4, 2009 in Bofors
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Isn’t it time we gave the longest running ‘soap opera’ a decent burial? I’m not talking about the ones that you see on the telly, but the one that’s been flogged to death in Parliament and the newspapers. Yes, that’s right – Bofors.

I am surprised at the BJP. What’s the point of raking up Bofors now, so many years later? They obviously have no issues and it’s a great way to deflect attention from the Narendra Modi issue! Whether it was Q or some other X, Y, Z who took the money, it hardly matters anymore, does it? I don’t think anyone, except the sanctimonious humbugs we elect to power, care anymore about how much or how many were involved in this deal. At least, I don’t. Do you? And even these humbugs bring it up only around election time or in Parliament, where anyway nothing too constructive is ever achieved except walkouts and fistcuffs.

What will the politicians do, even if they find out who took the money? Arrest the people involved? Win Chadda is dead, and the others are too powerful, with too many political contacts to go after. And anway, the BJP’s pet hate, the late Rajiv Gandhi was absolved of any wrong doing, if I remember right, when the BJP Government was in power. I also remember that there were strong rumours around that time that the Congress and the BJP had done a deal to clear Rajiv’s name.

The money that was given as bribes or commissions, (whatever you want to call it) is probably spent and circulating worldwide! And considering what some of our politicians make today, it’s small change. Like the Babri Masjid issue, the Bofors scandal should also now be given a decent burial.


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