Dirty Money

Posted: April 28, 2009 in Income Tax Department, Rahul Gandhi
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Remember Harshvardhan Nawathe? He was the first guy to win Rs one crore on KBC years ago. I was reading today, about how he is still being hounded by the Income Tax Department for unpaid dues. Winnings from lotteries etc are taxed at 40 % instead of the usual 30 %. The I-T guys goofed and only taxed him 30%. On realising their mistake they sent him notice to cough up the rest. Now, so many years later, Mr Nawathe is still paying! Okay, mistakes happen and the I-T guys were only doing their job. So how come, the same I-T guys don’t do their job as diligently when it comes to our politicians?

What really puts my mind in a whirl, is a full time politician whose sole source of livelihood is the pay and perks he gets as a MP for the past 10 years, declaring he has crores of rupees in the bank. How? Why doesn’t the Election Commission or some RTI activist ever ask him where he got that from?

I was sent a very neatly compiled document from the I-T department a few months back, telling me that the entries in my Form 16, bank accounts and TDS paid by various entities where I take lectures, were in order and there were no discrepancies, thank you very much. If as much as a rupee went hither thither in my accounts, wouldn’t the I-T department have fried my butt?

Which brings me to the next question: How is it that a majority of these politicians don’t have PAN cards? Heck, if I open an FD in a bank or put 50 k in my post office savings I have to submit my PAN as proof, otherwise the bank or P.O. will refuse to accept my money. So how do these guys manage to purchase NSCs and open FDs, unless of course, they keep only cash stuffed in mattresses (a la Sukh Ram)!

Take Rahul Gandhi for instance. For him to say that his 22, 700 sq. yards of property in Mehrauli (which is prime South Delhi land) is worth just Rs 9.86 lakhs (Rs. 4.40 per sq. yard) is a bit much! Go with that amount to any broker in Delhi to buy 22, 700 sq yards in Mehrauli, and he’ll laugh at you.

If someone like Anil Ambani is contesting an election and says his net worth is $ 35 billion or whatever, one can understand that. But if the same guy was a local level politician and said his assets were just Rs 35 or 40 lakhs, and five years later, claimed he had assets worth Rs 5 crore? If I was a member of the Election Commission or the Income Tax department, my antenna would be up and buzzing! So how come neither the I-T department nor the EC reacts?


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