Verse by a 12-year-old

Posted: April 24, 2009 in family

Here’s something that I’ve never been able to…My son Ashutosh, who’ll be 12 this May, penned some verse and I just thought it was worth putting up here.

The Junk Box
I saw the box in the corner
It was just filled with junk
I had to just throw it away,
In the corner garbage dump

Just then I saw a boy
Crying across the street
He had no proper clothes to wear
Nor anything to eat

I quickly searched the junk box
Saw some clothes were small and torn
But when I looked at them again
Saw they could be worn

I ran with the clothes and some bread
And gave it to the boy
“Thank you, Sir, you’ve very polite,”
Said the boy with a bow

“You have been like God to me,
By giving me this bread
And with the clothes that I now have
I can happily go to bed”

Have you ever thought
What moms do for you?
They love you, and cuddle you
And always take care of you

When you feel hungry
You order her for food
Do you ever think
Of her mind and mood?

You cry when she shouts
And say she’s very bad
But, she’s still you mamma
And you’re still her loving lad

Mother Nature
You crib on your birthday
For not getting the right gift
So look out of the window
And see the best gift

Those trees and these birds
What’s life without them?
Like saying, can you have eggs
Without a hen?

All I want to say is
What’s life without nature?
If you try to harm it
You’re nothing but a traitor

So love trees and all creatures
Wherever, big and small
C’mon, isn’t Mother Nature
The best gift of all


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