Boys will be boys…even with their wives around

Posted: April 22, 2009 in friendship

I’m back from a class reunion organized by some very enterprising school friends at Brightland’s in Mahabaleshwar last week. It’s been a long time since we all met and as one of our peers said, we now understand the meaning of ‘keeping in touch’! We hadn’t met in 35 years and where all of us have reached in terms of our respective careers is truly amazing and inspiring!

We talked about the old days and about those of us who weren’t with us anymore. I also heard the story of one of our classmates who is still ‘missing’ in the Tsunami that hit on December 26, 2004. Even the wives who were present looked on indulgently at all the horse-play indulged in by their husbands!

The reunion also brought back a flood of memories, which were spent right next door to a girl’s school! Bishop’s is today a co-ed school but during our time it was all boys affair so to be allowed into St. Mary’s or have the girls visiting was every schoolboy’s dream!

The St. Mary’s fete was one we all waited for every year. Of course, our teachers were always around us when we visited next door, because boys, will after all, always be boys. The smart ones were quick to ‘pile on’ but the rest of us could only watch tongue-tied as the blue uniforms swished past us, without even a glance.

I remember the time, when some of the seniors persuaded the Head Boy to allow us to stand on the side of the hall which was closer to the St. Mary’s School wall, right next door. That would allow a lot of the taller boys to observe the ‘blues’ next door as they went through their PT exercises! The good fortune was short-lived, because Mr. Roberts, our then Principal, put two and two together! The next day we were back to our old spot at the other end of the hall overlooking our quadrangle which housed the basketball courts and the bicycle stand!

I also heard an interesting story from one of the guys about how the Principal of a school called an ex-student and asked him to sponsor an event the school was organizing. The former student was ready to sponsor the entire event, till he heard of the amount – it ran into lakhs of rupees and was definitely way, way, above what it would have cost to organise such an event. I mean, I know we must pay back to the Alma Mater, but paying back does not mean bending over and letting the school extract their dues! More later…


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