Trumper and Sehwag?

Posted: March 11, 2009 in Uncategorized
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No Kabby, I haven’t seen Victor Trumper play, he WAS very much before my time and I’m sure your’s too! But if Sehwag plays like him then I can guess what he must have been like. Do their batting styles look familiar? The Sehwag picture is courtesy
Here a quote from wikipedia on Trumper: His most remarkable test season was played in England in 1902. It was one of the wettest summers on record, yet Trumper in 53 innings scored 2,570 runs, and without a single not out had an average of 48.49. Harry Altham wrote: “From start to finish of the season, on every sort of wicket, against every sort of bowling, Trumper entranced the eye, inspired his side, demoralized his enemies, and made run-getting appear the easiest thing in the world.”
CB Fry added, “He had no style, and yet he was all style. He had no fixed canonical method of play, he defied all orthodox rules, yet every stroke he played satisfied the ultimate criterion of style — the minimum of effort, the maximum of effect.”
“No one,” wrote Plum Warner, “ever played so naturally. Batting seemed just part of himself, and he was as modest as he was magnificent.”
Sounds familiar?

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