Which is the "dignified’ way?

Posted: February 12, 2009 in pub, Taliban
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I’ve been reading with interest the response by some media personalities to the pink chaddi campaign – 25,000+ members at last count. And these aren’t like those fake sms’ you send out to some dumb reality show when you do mass voting for someone! According to Sagarika Ghose, “the battle for freedom and the battle for progress must be a sensible and a rational one; it can’t be a trivial battle where we fling coloured underwear at maniacs.” She believes it is an ‘undignified’ way to protest. So which is the dignified way to deal with “maniacs”? Methinks the lady has missed the woods for the trees. Tell us Ms, Ghose, which among the following would you say are the dignified ways: 1. File a police complaint 2. File a Public Interest Litigation? 3. Try to reason with Mr Muthalik and his ilk 4. Visit the Ram Sene office and tell them to mind their own business. 5. Complain to the local MP /MLA. I am sure we can find a whole lot more absurd ways to do it the ‘dignified’ way. Times change and ways to deal with problems change along with it. Self respecting, law abiding citizens have tried all the dignified ways mentioned above to protest but they’ve usually come up against that brick wall behind which these goons take refuge. And what happened when those goons were sent to jail. They walked free within 24 hours. Who posted bail for them? At least, the victims didn’t retaliate with a gun. Not yet anyway, because I think most people are running out of patience when it comes to dealing with second-rate punks masquerading as moral police. Ghose talks about the Nehruvian way of dealing with such incidents. Yes, one would have tried that too, but I don’t think it would have helped much if the victims went on a hunger strike outside the Vidhana Souda! This way is a lot more dignified than where some kid is pulled out of a bus and roughed up because he happened to be a Muslim or some women are molested in a pub, or couples get their faces blackened because they happen to be sitting in a garden. Here nobody gets hurt and the message gets across. And lest we forget, this is the country which sent three of its most popular leaders to a most violent death — and they too spoke of peace and non violence. The sooner we stop these mobs from taking over our lives, the better. This is not Afghanistan or Pakistan and we definitely don’t want a homegrown saffronized Taliban here. The late Rajiv Gandhi once told a heckler in the US that “people who talk of Khalistan should remember that Ranjit Singh’s capital was Lahore.” Get the message, guys?

  1. Sumeet says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the Sene guys enjoy receiving the underwear in some kinky sort of way, rendering the Pink Chaddi campaign counterproductive.Highly probable, since they are mostly cheap goons anyway

  2. Nilesh Sane says:

    Given that its mostly paid goons who are driving the Ram Sene, they would be anxiously waiting for the gift parcels to arrive. Dignified way need not time tested, it can still be something out of the box but one which keeps the culture of the country in mind.Throwing your inner way is no way to deal with the pests, it puts the others in the same light as Sene, uncultured and inconsiderate.

  3. Vineeta says:

    Got it. The whole point of popular political protest is that it should be vivid, symbolic and capture the imagination to ensure maximum participation.BTW, Mohan, could you please use paragraph breaks?

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