Going pink on Valentine’s Day

Posted: February 10, 2009 in Uncategorized
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As far as ideas go this has to be the most outrageous and funny idea, I’ve ever heard of. Check out this group on Facebook (The Pink Chaddi Campaign) with 7763 members and growing rapidly, which also has a blog called Consortium of Pubgoing, Loose, and Forward Women. On Valentine’s Day they want everyone to visit a pub and raise a toast to the Ram Sena and also donate a pink chaddi, to be presented to members of the same outfit! It’s Gandhigiri at its pinkest!! But it also shows that all right thinking people everywhere are getting pissed off with the moral police for telling them how to lead their lives. If nothing else, the group’s rapidly increasing numbers are proof of that. What the hell, no one has the right to tell me or my family what we should or should not do with our money or time. And more importantly, we don’t need a lecture on culture or morals from people of questionable morals. About time, politicians of assorted political orientations, and their sidekicks, were told to take a hike. I’ll raise a toast of orange juice, if nothing else, to the pink chaddi campaign on February 14! Cheers!!!

  1. Joe Pinto says:

    Hi Sinha, I’ve linked this post as a comment to my post on Mangalore. I’ve also included your blog in my list of “Blogs I care about” – Joe.

  2. Mohan says:

    Thanks Joe

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